M. Andrew Gordon


An ever ambitious and restless amateur chef, I do not seem able to cook a meal, never mind a single dish, without tinkering with some element.  This blog was born on the notion of posting a unique recipe per week as a way to capture the moments when that tinkering went well.  On this front, I’ve failed, as I have not posted a recipe per week.  But all is not lost, as the blog has grown in its scope, a process I am enjoying as it unfolds.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, any meal becomes instantly better if you just add bacon.

  1. congrats, Matt! This looks great!

  2. Matt- You are a gem!!! This is awesome!! – M

  3. Matt- dually impressed; the recipes and pictures look amazing and congrats on the website. it gives an aspiring cook something to look at besides “foodnetwork.com” hope all is well.


  4. What a great blog . . . keep it coming!

  5. Matt, this is really impressive! Wow. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing your recipes in lots of places. You are a multi-talented young man.

  6. Matt, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy “just add bacon”. You are so gifted both in cooking and prose.

  7. I’m a very appreciative convert to this blog. Will not be surprised if the Rachel Ray show gets pre-empted by the Matt Gordon show. I agree with Geri that you are equally impressive in both prose and cooking. Keep it coming, please …

  8. Matt, I loved reading this blog. I hope you get back at it soon. Hope this finds you well.

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