M. Andrew Gordon

Spotty Updating and New Posts

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 at 9:08 pm

And here I am, another week in without a new post, watching the Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-once-of-California-and-formerly-purely-of-Anaheim…I digress.  Point is, this blog is over six months old and over the winter I haven’t quite lived up to my expectations for it.  My cooking has not waned; if anything, I am cooking as much or more than I was in the fall.  But each time I cook something I am faced with one of several challenges.   To explain:

  1. The No-Picture Scenario: Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I imagine that person worked for Kodak.  But in the world of food/recipe blogging, I think they might be right.  I am reticent to post about a recipe if I am forgetful and do not get any meaningful photos.  And, uh, that happens a lot.  Just this week, I made this really interesting salad with grilled potatoes, onions, and peas topped with steak and a hardboiled egg.  Dressed with a quick blue cheese dressing, it was really quite good.  But no pictures exist.  It’s sort of like the Yeti.  Except Jimmy Stewart didn’t try to bring back this salad in a suitcase (and as an aside, last week there was a pretty decent potato salad with a poblano dressing that didn’t get photographed).
  2. The Forgetting What Exactly I Did: Notice a trend?  I’m forgetful.  Yes.  Sometimes, like tonight, I cook dinner and forget what exactly I did.  There are no notes.  No scraps of paper with a few cryptic notes about how dinner was prepared.  I can tell you this much: I marinated a steak; not a fancy cut, something like top sirloin, in a mixture of bourbon, mustard, and soy sauce.  There may have been some honey in there too.  Simple, yes, but it was pretty delicious.
  3. Making Tried-and-True Recipes: This is the easiest trap to fall into when cooking – just going to the same old recipes that I don’t particularly think are unique or new.  Which violates my basic tenet of JustAddBacon: that recipes should be new and creative.  So, when I sesame chicken in lettuce wraps with peanut sauce from a recipe I’ve cribbed from Bobby Flay, it’s hardly me being creative.  So it has no place on this blog.

I am going to try to get better about this, as two of these are very easy to fix.  And as soon as I get some pictures from the weekend, I’ll have a post about soft shell crabs up.

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